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To Those First to Respond, We Salute You!

For the last few months, every day hundreds of thousands of first responders have been answering the call to fight the deadly COVID-19 virus. While many of us sit comfortably in our homes, binging Netflix and sharing hysterical (albeit ridiculous) memes about tigers on our social media channels, they’ve worked tirelessly to fight the spread of the virus and help save those unfortunate enough to have caught it. 

There’s an estimated 800,000 police officers in the United States* currently doing their duty to keep the peace and uphold the law during this global crisis. Without them, the country more than likely would’ve fallen victim to an anarchy unlike we’ve seen since we first became a country. If you thought the toilet paper shortage was bad, can you imagine a world without law enforcement keeping the extreme hoarders from looting? We owe so much to them and we are grateful.

There are an estimated 1.13 million firefighters in the U.S*., including 783,300 volunteer firefighters. There are some 30,100 fire departments in America. Not only do they work around the clock, 24/7 putting out fires, but they also serve as literal rescuers, saving people from nightmares such as collapsed buildings and car accidents, and providing emergency medical services when needed.

We owe so much to them and we are grateful.

It is estimated that there are 891,000 emergency medical service (EMS) professionals in America, including 600,000 EMTs and 142,000 paramedics*. They are responsible for saving and transporting those sickened and injured to the hospitals for treatment. They are the closest to the virus aside from those who are actually infected. Everyday they put themselves at risk of catching it, to help those already infected. They put others before themselves.  We owe so much to them and we are grateful.

With so much to be grateful for, Global Cannabinoids has been giving back to first responders by donating hand sanitizer to local law enforcement agencies and hospitals. We have been tirelessly mass producing hand sanitizer in the hopes we can do our part to help stop the spread of the virus. So far Global Cannabinoids has donated 2,000 units of hand sanitizer to those closely working with fighting COVID-19. It will increase to 10,000 units next month.

Check out the latest Global Cannabinoids billboard on the strip,  thanking first responders. Located on North Las Vegas Blvd.

Now some of you may be thinking…what is a cannabinoid company doing producing hand sanitizer? When our CEO, Ryan Lewis realized early in January just how massive this virus was going to be, he pivoted the company’s priorities and turned its attention on producing as much hand sanitizer as quickly as possible.

One of the main ingredients in hand sanitizer is ethanol which the company uses to produce CBD. But what is Ethanol? Ethanol is “a colorless volatile flammable liquid C2H5OH that is the intoxicating agent in liquors and is also used as a solvent and in fuel—called also ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol,” according to Merriam-Webster. 

Ethanol extraction involves introducing the solvent ethanol to the hemp plant in order to extract the cannabinoids. Unlike other extraction methods, ethanol extraction can produce cannabis oil with up to 99 percent purity, meaning a higher quality end product than CBD oil extracted through other techniques.*

To the many brave men and women in our country responding to the crisis, we thank you for your tireless service and bravery. It is in times of crisis that we can appreciate what we have and look to those fighting to make a difference with awe and gratitude. To first responders everywhere, thank you.

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